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    Gala for the 15 years of Fetus for Life
    Book you agenda right now for the 20th of February 2020
    from 7pm at Autoworld in Brussels
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    Support basic and clinical research in Obstetrics
    and in Fetal Medicine
    We work to improve life quality of the upcoming babies
    so they join us healthy.
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    Plenty of smiles to share
    Our team and volunteers engage to give the hospital journey
    more fun.
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    Dondabi collects and fixes clothes, child
    accessories and toys for kids from 0 to 6 years old

Support and fund the research

#A traduire# Soutenir et encourager l'activité de recherche dans l'unité OBST, rattachée à la faculté de Médecine de l'UCL, et recueillir des résultats applicables immédiatement.

Modernize the equipments

#A traduire# Des équipements de surveillance et de chirurgie foetale ont pu être acquis et aider à la prise en charge avant la naissance de certaines pathologies fœtales.

Organize activities

#A traduire# De nombreuses activités sont réalisées en hospitalisation pour les grossesses à risque (cinéclub, rencontres autour d'une tasse de thé, fête de Noël, soins esthétiques...).

A word from our President Baudouin Michiels

« Fetus for Life » was created by an enthusiastic group of friends who were inspired by the belief and will of Professor Corinne Hubinont. Together they started a project with the aim of realising her hopes and dreams for developing future treatments for unborn children. As a result of their combined efforts, friendship and solidarity, their generosity, availability and energy have multiplied leading to results that have surpassed our expectations. We have even been surprised by the enthusiasm that others have shown for our message.

We live in a world where we are exposed to distressing images that are at times unbearable, in particular where children are concerned. We are privileged and honoured to be able to help these “silent children”- those who are not yet recognised or loved by a face, a look or a deficiency. We look upon the help of others as a sign of an adult civilisation, mature and attentive to the respect and the quality of life of others who are as yet still promises but who have the right and the hope to join our world with a maximum of qualities and potential.

I hope that « Fetus for Life » will stimulate and ensure effectively the continuity and quality of this venture that comes from the heart….. but also from the mind.

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